Megapixels vs Print-Size
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"How many megapixels do I really need for my purposes" - a quite common question. The following table provides an overview of megapixels in relation to the max. recommended print size - ROUGHLY. A print resolution of 300dpi corresponds to magazine quality. "Acceptable" prints don't require 300dpi but e.g. 2MP will not scale to something like 20x30cm without a severe loss of quality.

Megapixels Resolution common print size (rougly 300dpi)
2 MP 1600x1200 10x13cm / 4x6"
3 MP 2048x1536 13x18cm / 5x7"
4 MP 2400 x 1600 18x23cm / 6x8"
6 MP 3000x2000 20x30cm / 7x10"
8 MP 3600x2400 30x40cm / 10x14"
12 MP - better more 4200x2800 40x60cm / 16x24"

Possibly a little food for thought whether you really require a camera with more than 8 megapixels ...

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