Canon EOS 450D (Rebel XSi) - Review / Test Report - Technical Analysis
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The mega-pixel race has reached the shores of the DSLR land and the EOS 450D is obviously one of the representatives of this new era so let's have a look at its resolution potential. Below is a chart which compares the camera to the old EOS 350D and the brand new EOS 50D based on the analysis of the 50mm f/1.8 II @ f/4 (based on RAW files, transformed to DNG and converted to JPG using the same Adobe Camera RAW version).

You may notice an obvious difference between these cameras but frankly they're also not worlds apart here. If you struggle with the thought to upgrade from your old EOS 20D or 30D it may make sense to go straight for the EOS 50D if you want a visibly higher effective resolution. Nonetheless the increased resolution of the 12mp sensor shows up naturally.

ISO noise

The EOS 450D is generally a good performer throughout the ISO range. There're (naturally) no problems at ISO 100/200 and ISO 400 and ISO 800 are also perfectly fine for most scenes. However, at ISO 1600 the noise level is starting to spoil the game but it's still usable in some situations.

The chart below shows the results based on a RAW-file analysis (noise-reduction: off).

EOS 450D:

It is interesting to compare these results to the old (and frankly underrated) EOS 350D. It features a 8mp sensor (vs 12mp for the 450D) but it has basically a full stop noise advantage at ISO high settings. Thus the higher resolution of the EOS 450D doesn't come for free.

EOS 350D:


low ISO noise (ISO 100-200):
mid ISO noise (ISO 400-800):
high ISO noise (ISO 1600):

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